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<The Last Witch>


[ How to Play ]


*********[ Instructions ] :

1p(Betty) move:WASD

Yell for enemis attention:G (Charm Skills(Disarming Voice))

2p(Claire) move:up/down/left/right-arrow

Yell for enemis attention:G (Charm Skills(Disarming Voice))

' F '/' L' Keys can shoot Fireball

and these methods will change when you be a monster,you can try it when it coming

********[ Gameplay ]:

You need to get long enough.

You are so weak and Have only One life, the death of any one of you (1p/2p) will cause game over.

the magician's circle have 6 nodes: stand on it when activate 6-kinds differents magic-phenomenon, just need waiting a little while

their contains(clockwise):

-Spikerock active



-enemies'freeze (change your fire ball to the freeze ball )

-random'fireball (inhence the number of your fireballs )

-random'boomer (build a boomer in map,also can attractive enemy's attention)

you need use these ancient magical-symbol to protect your partner and reply to the enemy fire

when six nodes all be Activation,

in the middle of the map the super magical-water-bottle ----our Ultimate weapon will appear at here

Just Drink it ! and you'll feel great


 best wish !

@2015 LD#33