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virus reproducting,Evil creatures Lurking in blood and undercurrents everywhere!
gluttony,overfat ,somnolence ,Heart rate imbalance and Headaches ...

eroded and damage growing every second.

your important friend Deff tortured it and suffering from pain,as a member of the Blood Cleaner Corps, control your "Helaer" Flexibly 

your efforts will save Deff 's Helath

[ Instructions ] :

climb [D]
Rotate [F]

Absorb different colors bullet by your homologous shield (Green,Blue,Yellow)
it will get energy to filled your power bar: 

*- these energy can offset enemies's attack to protect yourself 

*- Release your advanced Weapon will cost a certain amount energy.
( Hold [F] to release your Super-Weapon !) 

*- when the energy bar is blank,you will be killed by the bullet.
(Impact damage can't be offset,You need try your best to avoid any collide)

different shield fit diffent weapon,choose your own Rhythm and Fighting style.

Go ahead and fight !

wish you good luck

team again with @Woym and @Mr.hitman

@Woym programming

@Mr.hitman build art collaborate with me this time

so sorry for that we are not good at music....

the bgm  is A Fixed Idea (Testament's Theme)  by<guilty gear="" disc="" 8=""> A.S.H.
Tribute to the great musician and the great game.</guilty>

welcome to comment and give us your feedback

Hope you enjoy it !


Dec 2015 @ LudumDare 34

Tags2D, blood, ceel, Pixel Art, stg